Wednesday, November 23, 2005

R.I.P. THE Loudist

Steve Gursky, AKA "Loudist", passed away peacefully on Sunday November 20th at his mothers' home in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. How fitting for an engineer, musician, raconteur that he died with the TV remote in his hand.
His brother reported that Steve had a smile on his face. That's how I want to always remember him.
I first met Steve at Criteria Studios in Miami in 1978 after I had fled Los Angeles for the East Coast. Steve was working a lot with Tom Dowd on the Allman Bros. record among many others. He did some engineering on Chi-Pig, a punk band from Akron OH that I was producing. He had great ears and a real musical sense of the sounds of the instuments and vocals. Steve was also a master of relating to the artists and their music. The feel and the "vibe" were an essential part of the Gursky sound. (MORE TO COME>>>)


At 10:08 AM , Blogger jxnjerry said...

I too met Steve Gursky when I went to work at Criteria in Jan 1978. He was the first person to befriend me when I started. He took me to all the local eateries that were affordable to engineers in those days and remained a very close friend for the three years I was at Criteria. Steve had a soft, quiet spirit that I pray is with the Lord now and our friendship continued on a regular basis until his recent death. I talked him on the phone regularaly and I always felt encouraged after talking with him. I'll miss him very much.

Jerry Masters

At 10:12 AM , Blogger miami boy said...

i was hitchhiking north on dixie hiway comin out of coconut grove on my way to a party in ft liquordale. a small car pulls over and this guy with really long hair gives me a lift. sez he's going to his gig at criteria. cool! (1978)
fastforward to hollywood, ca '84
and thru mitch perry (brownstein), i finally got to meet the guy who gave me that lift. he kinda remembered me as the hitchiker (with way longer hair). he heard some of my music and really dug it. steve then produced my demo with a unique magic that i havnet experienced before or since. (still got that demo somewhere... i think!)So i asked him "how do you do this?"
he replied, "keep turnin knobs until it sounds good!"
keep turnin' em, steve!
in loving memory
mark decouto

At 12:41 PM , Blogger Hook said...

As stated on Gearslutz, and again here:

Missing you...Dude.

I'll remember our times at Criteria...your laid back persona...your sharp intellect...your loyalty to the essence of rock and roll...your free spirit and pure soul...your respect for the 'legends'...your support for the young and hopeful...your long phone calls (dude, I always wondered what kind of phone plan you had)...your intriguing perspectives...your fresh ideas ("Erect Audio", LOL)...

A fellow philosopher and dear friend. God's hand be on you.

At 9:09 PM , Blogger waltermorgan2072762829 said...

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At 2:36 PM , Blogger Gil Pini said...

Here I was, a 20 year old guitar player in a biker band from Chicago...recording at Criteria in 1978 with Steve and Fat Albert Productions. Steve thought it amusing and oddly appropriate that "The Boyzz" who were at the heart of the "Disco Sucks" movement would be recording in a room next to the BeeGees, doing there follow up to "Saturday night Fever".
It was my first album and I was extremely distressed, to put it mildly. Steve had a way of making me feel comfortable and confidant. Sitting in the studio after everyone had left, I would play blues chords and he would snap off old Duane Allman slide licks. Like Jerry Masters said, A soft, quiet spirit...that played one mean slide guitar. I too will miss him very much. Thanks Dude-ski


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